About Us 

We’re here to help organizations accelerate growth and scale their operations, while economically advancing the lives of thousands of workers across the world. When you outsource with RPM, you get a high quality team who feels in-house.

HQ'ed in Silicon Valley

Our roots are in Silicon Valley where a passion for startups, innovation, disruption, and hyper growth are in our blood.  There have been many booms and busts in the Valley over the last few decades, which means we've learned many valuable lessons and gained unique insights.

We're more than just a contact center or Business Process Outsourcing company. Our expertise and wisdom are shared with our client companies to transform their businesses, set them up for long term success, and avoid the many pitfalls that come with every stage of growth.

 We're proud of our people 

Good people beget good people

Nearly half of all teammates referred at least one new hire. A positive work environment and communal culture makes a very attractive workplace.

Low attrition

Our people want to stay with us, which is why our annual retention rate is above 82%, well above the outsourcing industry average of 60%. People love working with us.

Above average pay

On average, our people are paid ~10% above the market rate for their given role and region.  We believe good people should be compensated well, which ensures the best quality people are on our team.

Our Offices Are Nearshore Across Latin America

Colombian flag


With fast growing financial and tech hubs in Bogotá and Medellín, Colombia has become the breakout economy in Latin America. Outsourced services represent more than 3.5% of the entire country's GDP, which provides a strong talent pool of high quality individuals experienced across various industries who are ready to take on the next challenge.

Dominican flag

Dominican Republic

At the intersection of Latin America and the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic provides a unique talent pool for US and Canada based companies seeking high quality outsourced teams. Santo Domingo is a major hub in the outsourcing space and has close cultural ties to the US, especially with major cities such as NYC, Boston, LA, and Miami.

 Our Values 

people first

People first

Treat people right and invest in them. They will amaze you.



Leadership is the foundation on which everything builds upon.

growth mindset

Growth mindset

Now matter how far you've come there’s always a new mountain to climb.

standard of excellence

Standard of excellence

Do great work and take pride in it, everday.

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Scale your business

Whether it's outsourcing customer service, sales, or back office operations, you can leverage RPM's nearshore teams to scale your business. Outsource just about anything with RPM and elevate your business to the next level.